One team, one mission – solving business problems

Savient is a team of experts bound together by a shared sense of purpose. Our mission is to find and deliver solutions using software technology, so your business can work faster and more efficiently, while meeting emerging opportunities. Solving business problems and transforming clients’ results is what we thrive on. We work closely with you applying our creative, intuitive and adaptive thinking to deliver technology that works the way your business thinks.

Our vision

By living our mission every single day, we not only help our clients achieve ever improved performance – we find new ways of using software technology that create better business environments.

Why we’re the right team to help you

When you’re choosing a team of software technology specialists to work with, it’s more than just technical knowledge and ability you need. We firmly believe that our collective ethos, values and ways of working are important in our clients’ many successes.

We’re about people

Our business is our people, so we recruit the best. Our highest priority is to take care of them and give them opportunities to learn and develop. This philosophy powers a uniquely capable, flexible, creative and productive team environment.

You can trust our team

We empower and trust our team to make the best decision for you. You can too.

We think lean

We think

Lean techniques are central to how we deliver solutions and run our business. This enables us to cut through the noise and deliver the right outcomes for you. Fast, and without unnecessary complexity.

Creativity matters

Technology and creativity go hand-in-hand. You’ll find we encourage our team to work freely and to look for innovation at every turn. All to deliver better results for you. 

What we’re about

Founded in 2016, we’re a fast moving technology company focused on applying software to solve business problems for our clients. We have an amazing team of highly talented software professionals and we are adding to our numbers as we grow our business together. We’re proud to be working with some very impressive organisations both large and small, who value our can-do company approach and feel. 

At Savient we’re serious about what we do, and have fun doing it. Our distributed team enjoys its work because we’re loyal to our people. And in our experience, treating our people right leads to them doing great work, and developing exceptionally strong business relationships with our clients.

Who we help – our clients

The pioneering companies we assist include organisations at the forefront of next generation technology, science and engineering developments.

Northrup Grumman

They say

Your input has been invaluable and you have indelibly left your mark creating a hugely successful tool with massive popularity and genuine operational effect.

Your consultant has further cemented the team’s very highly respected position… I have had direct communications from senior client stakeholders of the value and reassurance they have taken from his (and the wider team’s) presence during this difficult time.

I have been really impressed with the way your consultant stepped into the role that oversees our team. He is knowledgeable about all areas that he is looking after… and is very approachable. He… has been reaching across our organisation to resolve issues when they arise but he has also been proactive… His behaviour and attitude fit well with our values.

Project Lead

Northrop Grumman