What do you do at Savient?

Mainly, I say yes! Yes to new ideas, to new ways of working, to new markets, to new technologies and anything else our people come up with. My role is to help inspire our people to suggest new ideas, and explore opportunities to allow Savient to take the leaps of faith that really drive innovation. It is my responsibility to provide the environment to enable this to happen and to set the innovation strategy: this enables our people to know where we are heading – while being open to the unexpected detours that present themselves.

Your skills and specialties 

My technology career spans over 23 years, so I must be doing something right and more importantly, something I enjoy. The vast majority of my experience is in data related disciplines across a variety of sectors including utilities, finance, and the public sector.

I first began to see the value in data during my Oracle database days. Since then I have learned many programming languages, gathered business requirements, architected systems and led teams: all to ensure customers realise their solutions, and see the value in their data too. For the past 10 years I have specialised in the big data space where I have used, and learned, many skills to unlock the value in web scale data.

In your spare time

When I get the opportunity you will find me behind a camera, using my creative flair trying to capture that elusive perfect photograph. Gone are the days though when I spent every waking moment either on my PlayStation or having just “one more turn” in Civilisation. My priorities have changed and I love spending time with my wife and children, although my Minecraft world is coming along nicely.