What do you do at Savient?

Savient is my personal mission, to bring clarity and engineering excellence in solving problems for our clients, and to create the best environment to encourage creative and adventurous people. My first priority is our team and what it means to be a part of Savient. Around that sense of purpose, our vision and our values, I build our company and our strategic direction. Whilst adding to our team I keep connected to everyone in our business. I look after our clients and commercial relationships, and develop new business and partnerships for Savient. I also get to work directly on project and innovation work with our engineering teams and with James and Paul on our technical strategy. And I learn new things every day.

That’s the official line. We’re a hands on small growing business so we’re all lucky enough to cover a wide range of activities. Along with future strategy, business development and client relationships go writing up how we do things, filing contracts, dealing with timesheet queries, taking the post and anything that no one else really wants to do. I love my job, anything can happen in a day!

Your skills and specialties

25 years in the technology sector working with small and large scale enterprises. A career starting in solution design, building databases and software coding, writing early websites in the ‘90s, and covering the spectrum. From building and managing new products, working on new communication networks around the world during the mobile telecoms boom, to delivering strategic partner relationships; a non-stop ride of delivering a wide range of technology solutions to clients around the world, placing people and relationships at the centre of everything that I do.

In your spare time

…or what did I do with my spare time? Always loved sailing, tennis, being outdoors and get stuck into pretty much any sport. Had a thing for triathlons which I’ve an ambition to get back to before I move up yet another age group. I have a great family and love the time I get with them.